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Random LoL Moments | Episode 507 (League of Legends)

Channel: Realm Games
Random LoL Moments | Episode 507 (League of Legends) 👍 Enjoyed the video? Click that LIKE button! 👍
► Watch the last episode here! https://www.clip6s.com/watch/lkr5YKpl2oE
► Random LoL Moments | Episode 507 (League of Legends)

► Video Presentation:

► Submit your League of Legends clips to http://goo.gl/forms/O4szaIYWenGlJ8XG3

► Submissions from YOU the community:
1 EV0KE https://www.clip6s.com/watch/GVAfGqBK5lE
2 kingsheep812 https://www.clip6s.com/watch/s7S3-5yVDIk
3 Shadow7398 http://plays.tv/video/5904553feafc4c8377
4 Chappll https://www.clip6s.com/watch/Unh1BDxKisg
5 backtobaseticket https://www.clip6s.com/watch/RoXXGtTpVsY

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